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Item FormElastic
Hair TypeAll

-1.6 inch in diameter, the hair bands can be stretch up to 7 inch. It’s soft and elastic.
-Strong stretch soft seamless cotton design, never hurt your hair.
-One piece can be used for a long time. It can save your money.
Widely usage: -Fit for different kinds of dress and hairstyles, suitable for all kinds of daily life situations.
It’s simple and fashion, you will not feel strange on any occasion.
-Suitable for the croud: It’s suitable for men, women, kids and the people who has thick heady hair.
It’s soft enough to use and remove, and you will not feel uncomfortable.

-Placed in the place where children are not easy to get, the strong elasticity of the rubber ties may hurt the children.
-Don’t stretch the hair tie for a long time to prevent it from losing its elasticity.

Black Hair Ties for Women(Pack Of 4)